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Add vocabulary, create sentences, and burn those words!

Phrase It - Speak Your Vocabulary!
Phrase It is vocabulary app designed to help you get better at speaking a language. Because of that, we modeled it around how you speak.

Conversations involve: listening, understanding, and responding. Phrase It combines these three things in a easy-to-use way that can be practiced daily.

We believe that it is important to be understood easily while having a conversation with someone – of course, that is only if you don’t mind losing your cute accent. Phrase It works well with Voice Input, allowing you to respond verbally while Phrasing It to practice pronunciation.

Phrase It also includes:

  • WaniKani vocabulary import for Japanese learners
  • Word tagging for multiple languages
  • Lang-8 sentence sharing for native-speaker correction
  • And much more coming soon.

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