Hi, my name is Patrick.

I started Your Inner Traveler because I wanted a safe place for language learners to share tips, resources, and stories – with the ultimate goal of inspiring others to meet people and explore the world.

In the past four years, I have been to Canada, Sweden, Norway, Korea, and Japan (three times and counting). I have studied Spanish, Norwegian, and Japanese – Japanese being my strongest second language. Many friends and family members have asked me, “how did you learn Japanese?” and my answer has always been, “self-taught.” In all honesty, this isn’t entirely true. But a truly honest response would involve listing all of the people that have helped and influenced me, and talking about the many hours I’ve spent reading, listening, and speaking using resources that were widely available to me. I am not smart or special. The people in my life are the ones that keep me going. I hope that this site and this community can do a little of the same for you.

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Look forward to meeting you!